Live a little: learn how to detoxify your lymphatic system

Most people don’t realize how many toxins and other unwanted materials they come into contact with each day. Fortunately, our bodies come equipped with their own systems of detoxification to protect us.

The lymphatic system is the body’s “clean-up crew,” in that it serves to remove toxins and debris from the bloodstream and is quite critical to the detoxification process. The lymphatic runs parallel to the cardiovascular system and is responsible for removing waste from every region and cell in the body.

Cells release their waste products into something known as “interstitial fluid.” The fluid is then filtered. About 90% of the interstitial fluid is returned into the blood stream, but around 10% will be removed by the lymphatic system — now making it “lymphatic fluid.” Interstitial fluid is also used to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells from the bloodstream, so you can see why it is important for it to remain clean and debris-free.

Keeping your lymphatic system running smoothly is imperative to your overall health and wellness. After all, a blocked lymph vessel or an overloaded lymph node can’t do its job properly. Interstitial fluid can begin to build up in your tissues and the lymph nodes cannot filter properly.

The lymphatic system does not have a heart that beats to help push the fluid around the body, unfortunately. This means it is dependent on other things to help push lymphatic fluids through their vessels. Our muscles, diaphragms, and blood flow help to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluids. However, the lifestyle one chooses can also influence the health of the lymphatic system. A sedentary lifestyle, for example, reduces lymphatic flow by up to 94%.

In addition to increasing your activity level, it is also key to follow a healthy diet. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants helps to support a healthy lymphatic system and overall health. It is also very important to drink plenty of fresh, filtered water.

There is also Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy, which has been pioneered by Dr. Vodder. Dr. Vodder’s therapy consists of a gentle, rhythmic technique to help enhance lymphatic flow around the body. The therapy is also said to help cleanse connective tissue, as well, which may help reduce pain, inflammation and edema.

Having a healthy, free-flowing lymphatic system is an essential part of overall wellness.



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